Footprints Matter
Northern Pinal County Superstition Foothills Environmental Stewardship

The purpose and goals
Footprints Matter To Us, is a community involvement organization supported by Superstition Area Land Trust (S.A.L.T.) and Northern Pinal Open Space Group, a regional sub-committee of Pinal Partnership they have partnered with the community of Gold Canyon to organize the effort, to provide education to our youth as well as continue to bring this awareness to our community. Our mission is two-fold: The first goal is to rid our beautiful desert of indiscriminately dumped trash and target shooting debris. Our second goal is to educate people about this illegal and unbecoming behavior. Arizona State Trust Land and Forest Service or BLM Land is not a dumping ground. With this awareness and compliance, caring volunteers will help our beautiful surroundings to be just as beautiful for generations to come – protecting a unique and precious resource.

Make your Footprints Matter !
Helping the environment by joining together
for only together can we make a difference!
Official count via signatures is: 253 at Hewitt Station Road and 119 on Az. State Trust Land, Peralta and Entrada!  Plus 30+ individuals who took trash bags.
COMING SOON: The before and after pictures of the sites we cleaned! as well as all the SMILES!