Footprints Matter
Northern Pinal County Superstition Foothills Environmental Stewardship

Footprints Matter 2016 FUN FOTOSĀ 
Donation by RAD
New Signs for Footprints!
Morning safety briefing
Trigger Trash
Household dump off Peralta on Arizona State Trust Land
12 workers and a tractor - Peralta site
Sometimes it takes a machine...
An amazing site in just a few hours - Peralta area on Arizona State Trust Land
Entrada crew hard at work
Shooter debris on dike
Boy scout troop working on the dike
The cub scouts working hard
It a long way up to get those targets
Oops there is another target even higher up the trail
Need to get it clean before lunch
The pile keeps getting bigger
Lots of little trash to pick out of those big rocks
The second shooter site marked with orange
A trail of shells all over the site
You can rake it to a pile
Or you can pick it up under the bushes
Its on the road
Hard at work with the Leo's
The  orange site is done now to move to the other side of the road
For those hunting zebra the trail of trash was easy to find
Rake and shovel it, bucket it
Fill those bucket and wait for the front end loader to pass
Empire Cat, working every year and so very necessary
Amazing and touching how clean the land looks in zebra now
Three shooting sites on blue,  in the trees and up the mountain
Pallets left behind really add up
Blue crew is here and ready to work
Nothing like an experienced crew
Liberty Water, crew and equipment
Liberty Water making the run to the roll off
It takes all sizes to get it done
But it starts with walking the desert
One of the blue sites pristine
The second blue site finished
On the green site was covered with small shooter trash
Lots of small things in the dirt
Some of it not small at all
Spread out and bag it
The pink site before work started
Lots of left over targets
Down to lots of little stuff
shells, shells more shells
a trail all over the desert
Oddonetto construction was working the loaders between all the sites.
The road is clear
The purple crew
TRAL working hard
a full bucket in the loader headed for the big dumpster
Trash from all the sites ready to be loaded into the big dumpster
New this year was JP janitorial working the roads
 Find for the day was a car hood
Road crew working some of the sites on the road
Well that looks much better
Loading up road trash and one big tire
Tire is the size of the trailer
Big tire lots of work
Some families took on a site all by themselves
Boy scout family working hard
Even the small vehicles could care a lot
Tv's were popular this year
Had pickup truck loads of tv's
JF Ranch took on the road west and did an amazing job
Thank you Red Bear for a fantastic lunch
Lunch line all finished with work and ready to eat