Footprints Matter
Northern Pinal County Superstition Foothills Environmental Stewardship

2016 the start of our sign and dumpster campaign at Hewitt Station promoting self stewardship. 

The big new bold American Flag promoting Keep it Clean - Keep it open was funded by Resolution Copper Mining to Footprints Matter and approved for installation by the Tonto National Forest.
In order to promote self stewardship, with the coorperation of Arizona Game and Fish and the Tonto National Forest Footprints Matter has placed a dumpster for 'target shooting debris'. This dumpster is on a trial basis and has been generously funded by Resolution Copper Mining in Superior.
The Mesa District personnel are working hard at putting up temporary signs promoting the use of the 'target shooting debris' dumpster as well as direct attention to shooter information. 
There are 14 additional signs promoting responsible usage.

We are amazed an excited that this appears to be working, these pictures were taken on January 31st, and the dumpster was full with target debris, shot up TV's and propane tanks.

Help make Good Footprints! 

Step up and report illegal and bad behavior.