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Northern Pinal County Superstition Foothills Environmental Stewardship

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We will post up-coming opportunities, clean-ups and events as well as news here, please check back often.  If you have found an area that needs our attention, or would like to plan a stewardship event with our help,  or if you have news or pictures of an event, we would love to hear from you and share your pictures and experience:  please email us at:
These Pictures sent to Footprints Matter as an example of another type of Bad Footprints being found in the area.                                                                                                      Our Note: Horse or hiking trails are not 'roads'.  Please educate yourself, your friends and people you see.  The ecology of the desert is fragile and it does not take much to destroy.  It starts with one and quickly becomes a road. This amount of damage occurred in less than 1 week's time. Recent bottom photo was taken 1 year later. 
Recently Received:
If you are interested in volunteering at additional environmental trash cleanups throughout the state of Arizona, please visit the calendar on Natural Restorations Website

A note from Natural Restorations who we have teamed up with for several cleanups; Natural Restorations was founded by Justin and Nicole Corey to address the long-standing issues of trash and illegal dumping in natural areas across Arizona. We remove trash, graffiti and anything foreign to the environment from natural areas and provide hands-on service learning opportunities for youth and communities across Arizona. We host multiple volunteer cleanup events throughout the year and we want to launch a full-time restoration team that will provide employment opportunities to veterans and allow us to focus on areas that see continual dumping, remote and difficult to access areas, and areas where conditions are unsafe for volunteers. The Arizona Trail Association is our non-profit fiscal sponsor.

Footprints Matter to Us holds an annual cleanup event the 3rd Saturday in January, and their primary cleanup area is from Gold Canyon to Superior on Arizona State Trust Lands and Tonto National Forest.