Footprints Matter
Northern Pinal County Superstition Foothills Environmental Stewardship

January 18, 2014
A Very Successful Day for the 5th Northern Pinal County's Peralta and Superstition Wilderness Foothills Environmental Cleanup Event

The 240 individuals who participated in Saturday's event, agree that this was a project that made you feel good and you could know for sure that we are making a difference.  

The Forest Service and Arizona Game and Fish, came to this organization and drew our attention to an area that needed help in the Northern foothills of the Superstition Mountains, a route to the Wilderness hiking trailhead. So many residents and visitors enjoy the many outdoor activities available in this area, but sadly the very remoteness we cherish makes these areas vulnerable to abuse. Illegally dumped trash and broken glass and shell casings left by illegal target shooters are hazardous to wildlife and create a blight on the landscape.

155 volunteers gladly headed out to Hewitt Station and Whitlow Dam area and were supported by heavier equipment to pick up the bigger items. 25 individuals just passing by, took trash bags and cleaned around the area. Four major sites were cleaned and two dumpsters were filled with trash. 

60 volunteers also cleaned minimal debris found in the Peralta Trails road and members of the Peralta Trails Hiking Club spent extra time and effort 'sprucing' up the area around Burns Wash.  The 3000 acres between Peralta subdivision and Entrada del Oro continues to remain relatively trash free with only one 20 foot trailer of debris being found and removed. 

Education, Signage, Reporting and Individual awareness and action are the key to positive stewardship.