Footprints Matter
Northern Pinal County Superstition Foothills Environmental Stewardship

It is through Self Responsibility, Education, Knowledge and Ownership that we can make a difference, Enforcement is and should be the last resort.  
A new working relationship with Justin and Nicole from Natural Restorations was created for certain cleanups in the areas where Footprints Matter has been working the past 8 years. The first joint team event was on April 30th.  Near the Old Florence Highway and Kelvin Highway.  We also teamed up for Surrounding Superior in October.  Teaming up with them for our 8th annual stewardship event on January 21st, was a huge success. 

If you are interested in doing more cleanups around Pinal County and the State of Arizona, be sure to check out the calendar on their website: Calendar of Events

Looking Ahead
    Arizona State Trust Land; We are proud to report that in the initial areas of Peralta Road the trash dumping is minimal, and the illegal target shooting on the ASTL and leaving shooter trash has decreased due to proper signage, education and enforcement.  Areas between Gold Canyon and Queen Valley still have pockets of shooter trash and illegal target shooting activities as well as newly household trash dump issues. We are working with the permittees and ASTL to determine a better course of action for these areas. The permittees have established safety fences on main roads with minimal access points which will minimize access for illegal uses on ASTL.

   Tonto National Forest;  We are making huge steps in the control of trigger trash in the popular shooting area near and around Hewitt Station.  We know this area still has some issues, but we are encouraged that the majority of shooters are utilizing the 'trigger trash only dumpster' that has been graciously provided for by Resolution Copper.  48.8 Tons of shooting debris was collected in the last 12 months.  This year's trash debris was significantly reduced, and we believe the dumpster is allowing individuals to be more responsible.  Bold new signage seems to be working in reminding users that to keep the area open they must keep it clean. A second large sign has just been installed due to another grant from Resolution Copper.  

    What can you do? Encourage everyone you know that recreates in our backyard to be responsible. If you see illegal use or littering be sure to make a report.  Enforcement of the laws and rules is necessary when irresponsible users continue to trash the desert.

Continued Progress and Success
Over the past few years, we have been working closely with the land owners to determine the best way to educate and steward these lands. Striving for a balance which allows for appropriate multi-use and eliminates over-use issues is challenging. From the beginning, this movement was not about just picking up trash, it has been about educating the users and bringing attention to the illegal dumping activities that were out of hand on lands we recreate on.