Footprints Matter
Northern Pinal County Superstition Foothills Environmental Stewardship

Arizona States Land in 2011 reclaimed the area .07 miles in on Peralta Road as a complete restoration project. This area, approximately 10 +acres was leveled, graded and hydro-seeded in the hopes to restore this destroyed area of vegetation and plant life. In cooperation with Pinal County Sheriff, S.A.L.T. and concerned individuals of the community we will work to make sure this happens. Your help will be needed to keep the vehicles that currently mud-bog this area out of there completely.  Signs were posted.  Grass has come back in the area, but we are still having trouble with this area remaining in restoration.  Stay tuned...

In 2010, SIGC granted funds to S.A.L.T. (Superstition Area Land Trust) to create and install two large signs. These signs have been placed in the hopes that the public will respect the area of State Lands in the Peralta Foothills. 
 BAD NEWS: In April of 2011, both signs were ripped out and partially destroyed. SIGC and S.A.L.T. are working to replace and re-install these informational signs.
In cooperation with Arizona State Lands Department, Pinal County Sheriff, S.A.L.T. and Footprints Matter, an environmental awareness event through Gold Canyon Soroptimist, an educational article and brochure will be made available through their websites and local businesses. It is through education and attention that we will be able to protect the beautiful desert surrounding our community.

Education and Awareness
In the past 10 years, those who have participated in Footprints Matter have continually increased the square miles included in this cleanup. The identified areas in the State Trust Land along Peralta Road have continued to remain clean of trash and this year, we needed a minimal amount of volunteers to maintain and spruce up that area. Our 2nd year, we included the State Trust Land from Peralta Subdivision to Entrada del Ora, north of US 60. The impact and effort has clearly paid off in this area as only 1 trailer full of trash was found this year. Monthly trash cleanups are being done by ranchers and other permitted users in that area.  New areas are being discovered and other agencies are requesting our help.  Footprints 2015 and beyond is a work in progress and stay tuned, as we expect great strides and changes as we move forward and create only Good Footprints............
Continuing the trail of good footprints
Our thanks and gratitude to Soroptimist International of Gold Canyon for the vision, insight and first 5 years.  Photo: 2010 event
Restoration and Reclaimation
Arizona State Trust Land and Tonto National Forest along with Arizona Game and Fish is dedicated to patrol and enforcement.  
Patrols have been increased in the areas cleaned by Footprints Matter volunteers and citations have been issued for dumping, illegal target shooting and destruction of Natural Resources.

Lets keep the areas open for multi-users but we need help in education and self-stewardship of all users for responsible behaviors.