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Superior's Success Story - A venture into Partnerships

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Areas South of Superior, Apache Tear Road, FS 230 and the Shooting Range
'The Ravine'  Old Ray Road - Old Highway
Footprints Matter took a new step into Partnership Cleanups with the Surrounding Superior Cleanup, held on September 26th, 2015 on the Tonto National Forest, Globe District

Resolution Copper Mining, Superior Chamber of Commerce along with numerous businesses and individuals from the Superior area had taken part in the Hewitt Station Cleanup early this year and were impressed at the ability to bring volunteers together to clean up the desert. Footprints Matter Event Leader, Sue Schaffer met with representatives from these agencies and was given a tour of the areas of concern. With combined efforts and participation from the local area we were able to provide support in a facilitator role for this event.

The clean-up area was spread over many acres on the Tonto National Forest, and the locals were able to direct and lead volunteers to the numerous trash sites. The majority of the trash on this cleanup could be described as household dumping, construction debris and party trash; couches, chairs, pallets, asbestos shingles, and glass beer bottles. There was one place, we called it ‘The Ravine’, where the trash had been dumped for many years and according to our photographs was being used daily. The trash has accumulated for years at the bottom of this ravine and is over 6 feet in depth. Our volunteers and donated equipment worked 8+ hours and we were only able to clean-out 1/3 of the trash in that locale. A half truck was recovered, winched up the hillside as well as 38 tires from this one site. Astonishingly¸ three dumpsters were filled from just this one area, another two dumpsters were filled to the brim from the south side of town off FS 230. 
The total for the day - 33.6 tons.  

Tonto National Forest, Fire Crews and Recreation Officer followed the cleanup crews around and placed new 'No Dumping' signs. With your help, awareness, and education we can make a difference

We like the results and we hope you do to: 
Superior Chamber of Commerce and Resolution Copper Mining for asking for our help
Superstition Area Land Trust (SALT) for their continued support for environmental stewardship
Tonto National Forest, Globe District, we are proud to have been of service to your area 
Empire Cat, Apache Junction for donating the perfect ‘equipment’ for us – every time we ask
Right Away Disposal, RAD for ‘a big red roll-off’ and we send it back full every time.
Arizona Off-Road Recovery – no words can describe your dedication to the environment and your ability to jump in with both feet and make it work. 
  ‘The Ravine’ could not have been a success without you!
Odonetto Construction and Guzman Construction – Front loaders make our job so much easier, You are both remarkable.
Superior Environmental, thank you for your hard work.
Kalamazoo Materials, Inc., We saw your sign and asked for your help on Friday and you were there Saturday, and we thank you for taking pride in your area
Pinal County Recycle - Road Maintenance - Tires, Tires, Tires - You got them all
Bill Dunn and George and Lynn Martin, Lease Allotment holders and area Ranchers - 
John Deere Greene never looked so good

Clubs, Hiking Groups, Mountain Bikers, Off-Road Enthusiasts, Shooters, Hunters, Families 
 All 45 volunteers Made your Footprints Matter!

For More Photographs of this AMAZING DAY
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for the annual cleanup 
Gold Canyon  to Superior
Arizona State Trust Land and 
Tonto National Forest

January 16, 2016
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